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Zizek’s feint on the ‘end of history’ in Last and First Men….?

January 8th, 2015 · No Comments


Eagleton and Zizek already belong to an older generation of the left (I can hardly exempt myself). So what? I would be more polite if Zizek’s last two books weren’t indirectly referring to my Last and First Men, to be sure he has covered the equivalent ground. Trouble in Paradise: From the End of History to the End of Capitalism //sounds like a second attempt to bury my book Last and First Men with a bullshit subtitle on the end of history meme. The book has absolutely nothing to say on the subject. I find this very discourteous. When I wrote Last and First Men I expected to have some kind of dialogue with leftists, but instead we find Zizek terrifyied of his tenuous hold on leftist opinion.
We could have had a useful dialogue here, but instead Zizek doubles down on ‘historical materialism’, now with this zero plug for end of history wisdom.

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