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Ayn Rand Xtianity?

January 10th, 2015 · No Comments


There is something sad about the destruction of Xtianity in the throes of capitalism. To be sure, the Reformation created the first link between ideology/religion and economics, but we have forgotten that the Reformation also produced the first Xtian communist movement violently suppressed and displaced.
I think we can argue that the result is a crippled remnant of the original Reformation. Actually the current brand takes the Xtian church toward a new low in doctrinal corruption. The original Calvinist capitalism was at least a signal toward modernity and a way to simply come to terms with the rising capitalist order. The current Tea Party/Ayn Rand branding is a toxic menace to social sanity.
This is no doubt one reason groups like the new atheists spawn and proceed to religious garbage disposal.
The spiritual realms is probably not going to bother anymore with reforming Xtianity. It is going to be dumped as spiritual trash. Sad

Just here our idea of a communist Munzerian Xtian church, whether a virtual abstraction or gedanken experiment or a putative real church drawn from the greater legacy, is a useful counterpoint. Remarkably just conceiving of such a church may be enough at this point. And we can certainly expose the Ayn Rand/Xtian combination as a kind of abomination. Jesus was no devil to condone such a mess, and we have to suspect at this point that the ‘cosmic Christ’ realm has lost control of terrestrial Xtianity. It is important to denounce and disown this demonic plaything of the nihilist and cynical right that has finally dared and succumbed to the temptation of a rank propaganda connection between religion and capitalism

It is important to denounce this abortion and disavow its connection with the legacy of real Xtianity. The Reformation brand is simply another reality altogether. The Reforamtion theology here was a way to jumpstart some kind of worldly commercial activity that could be a realized path for Xtians. But once you take one taste of this liquor in the end the devil takes all in a final embrace of the demonic: Ayn Rand, unbelievable, and Xtian theology made one. We should aggressively expose this swindle of, no doubt, the brands of neocons with their Nietzschean contempt of Xtianity, all too prepared to mix a black magical potion and call it Xtianity.

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