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January 12th, 2015 · No Comments

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ronald-a-lindsay/atheism-leads-to-moral-de_b_6423018.html: Atheism Leads to Moral Decay: Once Again, the Big Lie

It is important to free the religion debate from false implications, as here: a look at the rise of modernity shows the key insights of figures like Kant who first freed ethical deliberation from the framework of theism. But, strangely, secular atheists themselves have spoiled their case with a kind Nietzsche/Darwin muddle that, completely unexpectedly, has made the moral decay trap actually a reality.
In fact, the situation is complex on both sides. But the insight of Kant was lost on figures like Nietzsche whose take on morality is highly insidious and one that has has to moral oblivion for some. So the issue is not so simple. Between Nietzche and Darwin the new atheists are out in left field in a mess of pottage, and with ethical discipline instilled by their early family conditioning, no doubt.
The statement here is a generalization that is bound to be false: it is not true that atheism inherently leads to moral decay. But it clearly leads to moral confusion in almost all of the adherents to new atheism. And many others. The same is true for many religious people, btw. The biblical legacy is not a sound source of anything resembling morality. Especially the Old Testament.

In any case Darwinists have completely confused the issue of morality, and the attempt to negate altruism with the trick theories of population genetics is completely horrendous. This is not moral decay, but science idiocy due to scientism.

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