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Sufism in the shadows

January 15th, 2015 · No Comments

People sometimes wonder why I am so critical of sufism. The reason is plain from looking at a figure like Gurdjieff (who never mentioned sufis, despite the obvious smoking gun evidence of his interaction with sufism). In general spiritual groups based on misleading public statements, veiled history and demands for ‘total surrender’ to get more ‘spiritually classified (useless) information’ are exploitative or worse and snare people into neurotic attachments, malevolent hypnosis and self-destructive post-hypnotic suggestions, and worse. It is almost impossible to obtain correct information on the subject, and yet the hold on many individuals, far worse than ‘transference’ in the sense of psycholanalysis, is tantamount to a kind of psychological disease.
This makes a warning easy: never commit to a sufi pitch (probably a con job) until you have full information on the subject.

The literature of Gurdjieff is filled with pseudo-esoteric nonsense that claims many true believers in the name of spiritual surrender. Subjects like the enneagram get reverential faith where simple skepticism could expose the nonsense here in five minutes or less. Comparing sufism with buddhism which is based on open statements of what it is, what it does, and how to use it, sufism is a veiled come on whose public face is contradicted by its veiled reality discovered the ‘hard way’.

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