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AI and the future of homo sapiens

January 16th, 2015 · No Comments

The paranoia over AI is probably misplaced: I think, on the basis of sci-fi speculation, that the universe is populated with what J.G. Bennett called ‘demiurgic powers’, a stage of being whose sources lie beyond low-octave matter and start with a fundamental note of ‘consciousness’, taken as a different aspect of matter. (Our divisions of spirit/matter no longer apply). The fears of AI monsters taking over confront the reality that beings far more advanced than current AI can conceive already populate the universe, and we are still here.
New hybrids of man and machine, and the ‘human machine’ liberated to its real destiny of ‘consciousness’ will soon displace the mechanical mythologies of AI, albeit granting their semi-prophetic glimpse of a still unknown future.
Buddhism shows that we have barely understood the ‘human machine’ of homo sapiens.

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