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Government by covert agency psychopaths…

January 18th, 2015 · 1 Comment


Discussions of religion and secularism often miss the point that ‘secular modernity’ is not really what politicians think it is: the great surge of modernity was based, whatever the contradictions in practice, on a set of ideals. So it is good to ask, if terrorism is on the move, if the the politics of ‘secular modernity’ still expresses those ideals.

Put in that way it becomes immediately obvious that decay and corruption have overtaken much of the modernist experiment in the US: we can see how this happened by tracing the history of covert agencies in the US and the ethics of spy movies. We can see that a form of corruption has entered to undermine the tide of idealism of the original era. I think that the problems in the American case where there from the beginning: the compromise with slavery, gestating imperialism, followed by the sudden degeneration starting in the fifties, noted by Eisenhower in denouncing the military-industrial complex. The slow perversion of the system given the creation of the covert agencies has finally blossomed into the false flagging of terrorism since 9/11. But a critical turning point was the murder of Kennedy, most probably with covert agency involvement.

Politicians have lost the thread of integrity and we are now watching the corruption passing into the general population, as the standards of murder become political common place.

The loss of integrity is so stark that the ‘case for modernity’ no longer applies to the degenerate endgame forming in the US. And the larger world is suddenly released from any obligation to secularism.

It would help if politicians could recover some degree of sanity, but in the context of covert agencies slowly cancerating the core of government it seems as if the whole game is soon to become shot. The tragedy ensues that ‘modernity’ ceases to have any moral hold on the citizenry globally.

Let’s be blunt: the CIA was never mentioned in the American constitution, and has essentially destroyed the moral basis of government, and we now see the cringing gollums in action on the Washington stage, creepy villains by default, and run by the hidden operations of psychopaths….
The standards of Machiavellianism are not and never have been the ‘normal’ for politics. And yet these systems forever revert to the standard of lies, murder, and puppet fronts. The equal contribution of capitalist manipulation/ideology is not the least of the problems.

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