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Dems and repubs: dumb and dumber..digging out of a recession making the problem worse?

January 21st, 2015 · No Comments


The point doesn’t sink in: America has lost its vaunted moral idealism and integrity. The last generation of neoliberalism, CIA covert action, faked wars, false-flagged terrorism, and the grand finale, of sorts, in the rigged 9/11 conspiracy has left the US at the edge to an abyss, one from which very few nations historically have ever emerged. It is a sad state of affairs. The world, not just for this reason, is condemned to centuries of the decay of modernism, fueled by the exceptional stupidity of the people dumbed down to work in government contexts. I would not let ‘democrats off the hook’ here, but there is something exceptional in the sheer ‘dumb and dumber’ stance of the republicans sinking into their Ayn Rand stupor.
The pendulum has to swing back, maybe, but it seems that the American system is almost beyond repair, and that the capitalist elite is quite happy for that to be the case. They don’t care about the US anymore. We are seeing the pendulum swinging back after 2008, but it hardly seems promising. In fact, renewed growth is making the problem worse in the long run.

It is for this situation that the option of revolution to ‘communist postcapitalism’ seems to gain traction, but only if the result can rework itself beyond the corrupted version we see in bolshevism. It could however come down to situation so desperate that noone will care what form of communism emerges to stop the planetary destruction in motion.
It is always possible a miracle will happen: we could learn how to geoengineer the planetary atmosphere ‘just in time’. It is a faint hope, but a very common semi-conscious idea that successly freezes all effort toward emergency change.

The Limits to Growth debate (see the link long for yesterday’s entry on this) is a reminder of the depressing fact that politicians can’t face: growth and rebound after 2008 is more than arguably a bad thing. We are really sunk: digging out of a recession makes the situation worse.

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