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Nye a dupe of darwinian ideology?

January 26th, 2015 · No Comments


I wonder sometimes if scientists are actively deceiving the public or whether they are simply confused. The system of indoctrination in science education is the key to the stagnant character of evolutionary theory. I think that the question of human evolution is definitely difficult to understand, and that the theories of evolutionary psychologists are especially misleading. This is the world created by ‘scientists’ such as Dawkins and it represents a hidden torpedo closing on the reputation of science. As things stand now, scientists are either idiots, or con men.

Thus, figures like Nye seem genuinely unaware of the reality: we have no real theory of human evolution. The latter is especially confusing because we can’t even describe the creature subject to ‘theories of evolution’. In any case it is nothing less than a scandal that scientists are given to belief that natural selection can explain human confusion. The complexities of man, in relation to ‘consciousness’, language, art, mind, ethics, and the whole complex taken together, completely beggar darwinian explanations. There isn’t anything like a decent theory here. And the chance that this complexity (actually present from the start, but especially glaring with man) could be explained by natural selection is zero, and a bizarre wonder of miseducation if smart scientists, including string theorists, actually believe any of it.
The charge that this situation springs from an agenda related to that of the new atheists begins to look about right, and at that point we have to wonder how many scientists even believe in their own theory.
In any case, indoctrinating people in the false belief in natural selection is wrecking science intuition in hordes of scientists.

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