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Beyond the third way to…a fourth

January 30th, 2015 · No Comments


The vast majority of people believe that there are only two alternative ways to explain the origins of biological diversity. One way is Creationism that depends upon intervention by a divine Creator. That is clearly unscientific because it brings an arbitrary supernatural force into the evolution process. The commonly accepted alternative is Neo-Darwinism, which is clearly naturalistic science but ignores much contemporary molecular evidence and invokes a set of unsupported assumptions about the accidental nature of hereditary variation. Neo-Darwinism ignores important rapid evolutionary processes such as symbiogenesis, horizontal DNA transfer, action of mobile DNA and epigenetic modifications. Moreover, some Neo-Darwinists have elevated Natural Selection into a unique creative force that solves all the difficult evolutionary problems without a real empirical basis. Many scientists today see the need for a deeper and more complete exploration of all aspects of the evolutionary process.

The attempt to break out of darwinism is commendable but the alternatives have not as yet really solved the problem of evolution beyond darwinism, although epigenetics looks to be promisiing.

I think a lot a non-genetic evolution can help to orient thinking toward what we don’t know, and the real gulf between darwinian fantasy and a real example of how evolution works.

WHEE shows in a very systematic way how ‘evolution’ can operate beyond the level of genetics and points to something biologists never look at: what happens to explanation if the evolution shows both directionality and the emergence of forms according to some hidden template.

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