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How about The Eonic, or Macro, Manifesto?

January 31st, 2015 · No Comments

the book is online: http://historymanifesto.cambridge.org/files/4714/1880/4698/historymanifesto.pdf

The idea of ‘long duree’ is fully applied in World History and the Eonic Effect: there are several scales that can be considered, that of Big History since the Big Bang, that of the evolution of the primates, then of the evolution of hominids, then of homo sapiens, with a careful match, where possible to the immediate predecessors, homo erectus…(the Neanderthal)… But the record of civilization, ironically, long/sort duree is the really useful periodization.
From there we can look at ‘world history, definably an interval since the Neolithic and the lead up to it.
Thus the real issue is the spectacular appearance of structure in world history after 3000 BCE and the invention of writing. The Axial Age stands out as a spectacular riddle in this context and the long duree taken in the short (!) yields a pattern related to a 240o year epochal series. This phenomenon was strongly suspected in antiquity, but fell into a muddle of astrology with its attempt to correlate this with the cycles of the Great Year. What a slip up! the cycles of the Great Year are about 22 and half centuries long, while the real interval is about 2400: 3000 BCE to 600 BCE to 1800 BCE. This small discrepancy falsifies the Great Year interpretation (still alive in the minds of many new agers and their age of Aquarius…)
The question of modernity in this context is that of another major age period getting underway, with a clear explanation of the ‘red herring’ of Eurocentric explanations taken into account.
This analysis is not a theory, but the discovery of a non-random pattern that suggests a dynamic.
This is the kind of thing academic historians try to suppress and The History Manifesto may be still another attempt to bury WHEE. Won’t succeed. But I haven’t read the book through yet. We will see.
These academic scholars will kill their own grandmothers before they read WHEE, by a peon outside the system. May they not live forever in error.

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