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The History Manifesto?

January 31st, 2015 · No Comments


Historians are stuck in a set of narrowed perspectives and no matter how they try they remain in them. In a way marxism made the problem worse by injecting historical reductionism into the mix.
The idea of Big History is a good one, but it still doesn’t answer the questions of the nature of world history in relation to evolution, and more generally the vast interval since the big bang.
I think that WHEE addressed all these issues but worked with a set of heresies about which academic historians are belligerent. History as theory can’t get anywhere until it disentangles from darwinian fallacies which will be forced on the Big History proposed here.
Here’s the shocker: the laws of physics can’t explain history. And for the same reason they can’t explain evolution. That’s a lot to not explain.

This History Manifesto will probably not dare to challenge darwinian ideology, but that is essential if any progress is to be made. In fact the perspective of Lamarck, not his views of adaptation, but his larger view of evolution on two levels at a stroke stumbled on the right answer, albeit with a rather vague rendition of a still inchoate idea. But the analysis by double levels can expose the real dynamics and show us the way the level of genetic mutation as evolution is only a subordinate aspect of a larger process. But strangely the demand for science made evolution incoherent in the resulting darwinism, and its reductionist view. It is unnerving to think the first theorist had the gist, and that from Darwin onward the key was lost.

One of the first insights of ‘long duree’ perspectives is the perception of the Axial Age. But this will be suppressed immediately. We can predict that the history/evolution of religion will be botched, human psychology will be botched, and much more.

Current academic worlds have no chance of escaping the straightjacket imposed on them

http://history-and-evolution.com/whee4th/chap4_2.htm: Big Histories, Universal Histories

Aha? the book is online: http://historymanifesto.cambridge.org/files/4714/1880/4698/historymanifesto.pdf

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