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Shall we hope or fear scientists will solve the OOL question? With such assholes as these let’s hope they don’t!!

February 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

I find myself non-plussed by the OOL question. When we look at the preening arrogance/idiocy of the average scientist on YouTube and then look at the facts of their destructive contributions and oblivious attitudes over time, we have to fear the consequences of being able to create life. As with the atomic bomb we have to fear that sooner or later the OOL question will be solved and at that point the complete idiots like Craig Venter will take over with a huge business enterprise of artificial organisms in the neo-liberal vein.
I think that at some point the Dr. Killdare TV scientist mystique will suffer full-fart blowout and we will be ready to stand up to the science idiots, too many with soaring IQ’s and no real intelligence.
Let’s keep in mind the fact that darwinism, an easily exposed theory, has persisted for over a century past its due date for falsification and that these very smart scientists are either brazen liars or completely stupid. It is hard to figure which is the case.

So we must be vigilant that scientific so-called biologists are some sort of pathological liars and that they have failed to tell the truth on the most important and dangerous theory of life: evolution. WE must be vigilant if the OOL research project starts to take off in the frankenventer neoliberal direction.
But maybe the OOL will remain unsolved. Strange justice./

Hey, no it isn’t anti-science to call scientists assholes!

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