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From OOL theories to the onset of mind in primates

February 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

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The origin of life question, which we discussed yesterday, is intractable, probably for the same reason the whole issue of evolution is intractable. The assumption floats around that the origin of life is mysterious, but that once we have life it evolves from there. Maybe so, but the issue of evolution is not so clear, if the darwinian take is false/misleading. And the question of evolution is still undecidably ‘teleological’ or not, which in turn undermines confident reductionism on the OOL question.
It gets worse: the evolution of homo erectus/sapiens starts to impinge on the ‘consciousness’ question, with a whole slew of issues like language, ethics ‘as is’ in man, next to the whole issue of ‘mind’, emergent rationality, etc… These issues leave the suspicion that the primate, really human, entry into ‘mind’ and ‘consciousness’ is as big a ‘transition’ as the original onset of life itself, with the Cambrian transition, et al, being notable probable companion mysteries.
The issue of human consciousness is a tough one for science, and it gets worse as you ask how man evolved the capacity for enlightenment. It is hard to see how scientists could get anywhere if they are stuck on Darwin’s theory.

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