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Beyond theory to free agency: revolution now!

February 6th, 2015 · No Comments

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUaVeixiVLc We have discussed this video twice today already, and here relink back to Youtube, for the sidebar of further videos.

I have a strong criticism of much discussion of marxist theory, as developed in Last and First Men, and here one frequently sees the key problem influencing discussion: the rightness of Marx’s theories in predicting the present. But the problem with these theories is that they predict that postcapitalism will autonmatically emerge from the failure of capitalism. That is a fallacy of the original theory. In fact, the planet will simply disintegrate.

The critique of marxism is of a value-free deterministic theory predicting the transition to communism. This is and always was the wrong approach. The way to do it is to look at the free agency of economic systems, and the equal free agency to change them. The laws of economics are not relevant. There are no such laws, beyond the reality of certain ‘tendencies’.
Marxists thus are forced into endless equivocation and waiting.
We need to revise our thinking: the issue of economic free agency is the set of values we wish a system to manifest and to create it after that fashion.
Confronting the crisis we don’t have to debate forever over theory, instead, we should act with a new set of values at once to prevent a deteriorating system from reaching hell discussing Marx.

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