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Darwin vs Hegel

February 6th, 2015 · No Comments

This has a series of lectures, and in one the (contra speakers) the issue of Darwin and Hegel is raised with a conservative take on Darwin implying slow evolution (of capitalism, no less) rather than the revolution dialectic of Hegel.

This is pretty stale stuff. The foundations of darwinism are eroding rapidly and the dialectic of Hegel in relation to revolution is such an old chestnut that it belongs in a museum. It served for its time, but now we need a new perspective:
Last and First Men has just this new perspective:
the issue of darwinism is out the window, the whole theory of natural selection exposed now as bad science,
the issue of revolution is seen in the historical model/chronicle of LFM as strong correlate with a ‘macro’ aspect of a larger history. There is no simple way to found ‘revolutionary logic’ in Hegelian dialectic, although it is easy to see how the dramatic character of the emergence of modern revolution made its contemporaries cast about for a metaphor, and this was found in Hegel.

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