History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Darwinian marxists deserve to be taken out and shot…they are the worst kind of reactionary…uh, read that, do darwinian marxists derserve to be taken out and shot?

February 6th, 2015 · No Comments

I was looking at Lee Spetner’s The Evolution Revolution (I will scan the Preface later), and am struck at the simplicity of the challenge to Darwin, and the way the Right has left the Left behind here. I am baffled at the stubborn persistence of darwinism. And this post will see no change in this mule-ish idiocy. Yet the question is desperate. Spetner (whom we discussed here years ago for his other book) finishes off darwinism in his preface, and the argument is the same as that of Fred Hoyle from a generation ago. The statistics can’t possibly work. And that argument is both simple and final. And yet a whole generation has gone by with all the science experts simply sidelining the basic clarity. And in that time the religious right has stolen a march on science by simply acknowledging the obvious, this with or without their confusions over design.
The failure to stick to science here and the failure of the left to expose the ideology at work are almost beyond comprehension.
The left needs to get beyond darwinism asap or create a new left that is not stuck in this stupidity. Marxist darwinism is either rank stupidity and conformity to science fashion or a cynical way to betray the left by endorsing a theory that will in the end crash the whole movement.
This is not extreme: the neoliberal ideology of darwinism is the most clever form of class warfare and will end in the attempts to murder the working class on the grounds they are evolutionary failures. As marxists stand by and incorrectly cite Marx as a darwinist.

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