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Dawkins a pathetic case, and the 9/11 fraud used to promote Islamophobia

February 6th, 2015 · No Comments

This article is a nauseating and pathetic exhibit of Dawkins preening over his extraordinary life which seems like a huge success but in reality is one of the saddest failures: he has produced the masterpiece of disinfo for a neoliberal age: a theory that makes altruism a superfluous phantom, just in time for Margaret Thatcher.
Is it possible the scientific culture is not simply cynical in using darwinism as social ideology, using complete idiots like the dupe Dawkins?


I think Alternet is the test case: does this ezine’s staff promote darwinism honestly or cynically. If the former they are the dull dupes of ideology.
In any case, the discussion of Dawkins has missed the point: darwinism is a false theory and can’t be used to either justify capitalist social darwinism or found atheism in a false critique of the design argument.
We have pointed this out many many times about Alternet articles, and I think their cynicism is the most likely explanaton. New atheists, I suspect, think it is OK to lie about darwinism in order to promote atheism.

To this we have to add, for the umpteenth time, the fraudulent false-flag nature of 9/11, and the need to bring new atheists to grasp the wrong turn made by Dawkins and Sam Harris in using 9/11 as a subtext for the ‘evils’ of religion.
It is time these new atheists get Moslems off the hook as innocent of the 9/11 conspiracy, brought to you by the US dot.gov.

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