History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Jewish smarts overrated…jews and the tragedy of darwinian pseudo-science..time to embarass Stuart Kauffman in public?

February 8th, 2015 · No Comments

We have addressed this subject several times here, despite its harsh tone and the risk of hallucinating antisemitism. But the issue is otherwise and very sad: people with a reputation for being smart are being trained unwittingly to promote a pseudoscience to give the impression that it is endorsed as it were by the smartest people.
That is an illusion, and a sad verdict on the real middling smarts of the high IQ set who excel in these stupid tests but otherwise are mostly conformists on the issue of darwinism. Let’s be clear: the botch of darwinism is not the fault of anyone, as such, but the prestige of jewish intellectuals is surely delaying a paradigm shift. IN general, if all the academics involved pledged to tell the truth the theory would be gone in a month.

Figures like Stuart Kauffman have known all along that darwinism couldn’t work but, and to be fair, most doubters of Darwin are expelled from academia, while Kauffman remained, but at the price of adopting a mode of silence. This suggests that mendacity is the explanation for the silence of most academics here. Jargon and talking through the mouth are the only way to survive academically. Someone like Kauffman manage to scare off the defenders of holy doctrine, and he could put a stop to this situation by doing what Fred Hoyle did.

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