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Sunday trek through WHEE

February 8th, 2015 · No Comments


In years past we have had a series of Sunday ‘speed reads’ of WHEE with one section per chapter: we can merely suggest doing that for today. WHEE is a hard book, or so I am told, and it tends to throw readers off. The reasons are multiple: challenging darwnism causes people to freeze up and stop reading. After that is the question of Kant and metaphysics. Current education based on scientism has simply deleted all philosophy, except third-rate substitutes.The current field of scientists is uniquely ignorant and proud of it here.
More generally the critiques of darwinism of long standing are fatal to the theory. And yet we see string theorists expounding on the issues of physics without seeing any problem in evolutionary theory. That’s a puzzle.
The value of WHEE is the way it demonstrated a non-random pattern in world history. Nothing like darwinism is going to work there, and we suspect the same for early human evolution.
It is hard to grasp how so many scientists can remain stuck in the simplistic confusions of Darwin. It is turning into a tragedy for science.
WHEE can confuse people. By the standard of darwinism as science it seems pseudo-science. In reality, it is a devastating expose of darwinism’s overconfidence in random evolution. It operates defensively by not adopting an alternate theory. Instead it creates a chronicle helping us to visualize an historical dynamic.

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