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Capitalism: checkmate next move…capitalist theory maniacs should turn over their king and concede…

February 9th, 2015 · No Comments

The place of communism in the minds of most contemporaries has been fairly well neutralized by economic propaganda and the actual history of bolshevism. And the charge of utopianism was decisive for a majority. But times change and the issue now is the ‘utopianism’ (no-place-ness) of the figment of capitalist imagination, the ‘free market’. Once we see that the ‘real world’, that tonic for ‘utopian’ fancies, is now confronting the capitalist fantasy world with the harsh reality of its miscomputation of ‘laissez-faire’, free markets, seen suddenly to be the source of potential menace, as for example the issue of climate change, the dead pall over communist fades fast; the issue was put to a test, and the results are unnerving and very clear. Marx accurately exposed the dangers of ideology as theory and the inability of corporate capitalists to face the elementary reality of a theory gone mad is the omen for the ‘checkmate next move’ for theoretical market economics. A clear and deadly instance of markets in failure is enough to make us discard the old utopian charge against communism.
Last and First Men: communism, evolution, and the future man
The issues of capitalism stretch sideways into the biological field as the social darwinist complot of the eugenicists stalks both the left and the right;
A neo-communism must free the economic/social sphere from the ‘mad project’ of using capitalist economics as class warfare, and that as an impostor evolutionary surrogate.

The future evolution of man is tabled and the dangers of darwinian theory are as dangerous to the evolution question as the models of neo-classical economics are to the social question.

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