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Xtianity and the Munzerian revolution

February 10th, 2015 · No Comments


The idea of a radical Munzerian Xtian church is likely to suffer a key failure so I have always insisted on its theoretical status. The exercise is a useful reminder that secular humanists mostly strike out when the criticize Xtianity. It is a very hard history to really understand because of the obvious/unobvious fact that a real spiritual force stood behind it, whatever the case with the mythological apparatus of supernaturalism. Many of the liabilities for skeptics were once assets for those of faith. So the situation is in transition and I don’t pretend that trying to prop up an Axial Age religion is going to work for long.
But the ‘thought experiment’ of a Munzerian communism is a useful abstraction, and a stick to beat reactionary capitalist Xtians applying Ayn Rand to the poor as sinners over the head: they are trashing a religion and the most a Munzerian church could do is to cross the desert into a future perspective on religion in secularism.

I think also that the left has stalled the whole effort to critique and transcend capitalism by trying to impose a brand of dated secular humanism as old as century old mouldy bread on religion to reach socialism. I don’t think that is going to happen, especially after the example of bolshevism.

The left has to become expert on the history of religion and that means more than Max Weber, Darwin, evolutionary psychology and the mindfucked buddhism of Sam Harris.
A rewrite of the marxist legacy here could adopt a neutral stance on religion more to the point that the dull sermonizing of the new atheists.
But the idea stands and could help the realms of the Liberation Gospels in South American approach issues of social revolution more realistically, albeit with the risk of reactionary counteraction.
The idea can work because Xtianity was originally a radical revolution, of sorts.

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