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Death by commodity fetishism and the resurrection via the revolution to come.

February 11th, 2015 · No Comments


I think that at a period of crisis, the initiative of leftist activism is clearly being sucked into the quagmire of the given: the system in its momentum of globalization is already so vast and so powerful that the hopes for a radical (neo-)communism tend to float away in the mental fog of what, behind the appearance of conviction, is mostly capitalist drivel. Marxism made, and then lost, the claims against capitalism as a whole as a system approaching an end phase. The original challenge of the Second Internationale was a coherent vision, whatever its flaws, and more challenged a system with an army of enthusiastic radicals who were briefly free of the delusions of capitalist inevitability.
The period since 2008 has sadly failed to recover any such vision and we have been immersed in more bullshit in all brands, conservative capitalist to leftist pickioun single issue activism.

But the crisis is going to be recurrent and increasingly tragic and the brief respite of the American economy in the wake of 2008 is soon to devolve further to once again challenge the unwilled defeatist despair of leftists who are potentially superb candidates for a new left but who are idling in the complexities of false analysis.

I think that Last and First Men has a core perspective that can help to recover the original communist vision emerging from the French and Industrial Revolution, with or without its later marxist packaging, that there would be another revolution, and it would be the last. The time is coming for just that, and we should be ready beyond the drag of commodity fetishism for a renewed storming of the castled moats of capitalism. Where earlier men were radical because they were hungry and could starve within the week in the economic givens of their time, the current briefly mesmerized slouch of the coachpotatoes of Netflix will be propelled by a far more frightening set of circumstances: a depleted environment, a climate crisis, an economy with no jobs and the shock of skid row, the list continues with the core theme realized of the obvious endstate of capitalism: the mentalities here don’t care if their last market frenzies ruin the planet: they will be dead, apres moi…
The system will keep the latent radical addicted to the end, but soon something worse than hunger will energize us to something not far different from the mentations of Kamikazes, a sudden realization that one is a proletarian on a dope feeding tube, to become a peasant or slave and that Netflix was the dope of the future, a future now past, bypassed by a coming death by commodity fetishism. We need to be ready with post-theory, post-marxist marxism and ready neo-communist plan for revolution. At the right time the Tsarist world fell with a few street marches. The same will recur, must recur, or else the neo-liberal regime has become so powerful no protest is possible. That point will come but only if we are preparing now for the real revolutionary project…

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