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The religion of the new atheism…?

February 11th, 2015 · No Comments


Those who approach the current new atheism movement should be alert to the real problem which is not the undecidable ‘god’ question, but the associated beliefs made into a ‘belief package’, like religion all over again.
Some factors to be aware of:
the use of darwinism to endorse claims against design arguments is very misleading: Darwin’s theory fails on natural selection and can’t be so used.
the fuzzy use of the term ‘religion’ puts a tremendous number of entities at risk of the shoddy thinking of those who make implied claims against all religion.
Such hysterical attacks wish to find flaws in one area of religion even as they condemn the phenomenon of ‘religion’ indiscriminately.
the issue of atheism is not inherently a religious issue. Buddhism was always an atheist religion, yet falls under the general attack against all religion. The new atheists seem to have started with monotheism and then without thinking generalized to all religion, in the process risking absurdity.
There is a lot more like this and the result is a hare-brained cult of ‘atheists’ who surround their core belief with pseudoscience, bad history, misleading definitions and inconsistent prejudice.

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