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A coming irony: science takes up design arguments to displace creationist brands…

February 12th, 2015 · No Comments

Why is the ‘evolutionary model’ in World History and the Eonic Effect boycotted by both evolution scientists and ID critics of darwinism?
The answer is easy: 1. minds trained in darwinism can’t think in terms of ‘macro’ or large scale systems ‘evolving’ as integrated assemblies. Here the random mutation argument is almost silly, but that’s the way biologists still think…2. Religious critics who propose ID arguments win some battles but lose the war: The macro argument in WHEE is a sly ‘design’ that never mentions design (because I can’t provide proof) because it doesn’t invoke a supernatural designer. More specifically the Old Testament design argument is too primitive and can’t pass. But more sophisticated design arguments just might be the case.
There is an irony here: by scrapping biblical design arguments for more cogent ones, the tables would turn on creationists as science takes up the design logic on some new unknown basis.

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