History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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The evolution question and the dangers of rightist genocidal massacres in the name of eugenics

February 15th, 2015 · No Comments

Last and First Men brings up the evolution question for the future left: we cannot afford to blow a future movement on darwinism. The left should make a list of the physicists with IQ’s over 150 who get evolution wrong where simple people in local school systems smell a rat and simply don’t want evolution to be an indoctrination platform for social darwinist, crypto-atheist, fundamentalist scientism.
The left can’t make the mistake again of darwinian true faith. It is better to just withdraw into neutral. This is ironically a step toward science where the current darwin obsession is an embrace of pseudo-scientism.

Last and First Men offers an agnostic approach to evolution: we see evolution in deep time, but we don’t know the full scope of the mechanism. World history shows us a from of evolution, we think, in our recent historical backyard. We need to begin a long study of the evolutionary future of man and be able to evade crackpot eugenics schemes. At some point the forces of elite domination are going to try and create human drones and we need to be ready to stop them. The question of the future man is far more complex than science or religion can conceive. So the best strategy is a cautious embrace of evolutionary principles without obsessive dogmas or reductionist misconceptions.

And this point even the Pope is trying out a basic compromise. We need a group on the left that can grasp the postdarwinian imperative confronting us.

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