History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Evolution vs darwinism

February 21st, 2015 · No Comments


Darwinism, or evolutionary biology, is true in the complex sense that scientific theories always are—not fixed in its particulars, immutable and imposing, but rich, changing, and evermore explanatory. (There are evolutionary biologists who protest against the simple “Darwinism” label, against “branding” it like a single-barrel Bourbon, but movement names tend to be taken, not chosen.) Evolution may be hard to accept, but it’s easy to understand. All the available evidence collected within the past hundred and fifty years is strongly in its favor, and no evidence argues that it is in any significant way false. Life on Earth proceeds through the gradual process of variation and selection, with the struggle for existence shaping its forms. Nobody got here all in one piece; we arrived in bits and were made up willy-nilly, not by the divine designer but by the tinkering of time.

Statements like this are precisely what fuels the controversy: darwinism is confused with evolution, and darwinism’s take on natural selection is almost certainly bad science.
So in general the public is given the data for the fact of evolution, with the issue of theory up in the air.

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