History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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The dangers of rigid adherence to a long-since exposed theory of natural selection

February 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

The issues of evolution will prove to be the nemesis of current science. I think that the failure to keep up with the debate and the growing awareness of the flaws of darwinism will drive people to wonder at how long it took to understand the problems, keenly studied by religious groups. If ever there was a case of paradigm fixation this is it. The mindset is fixed by the dynamics of group conformity and the way that academic institutions make success in biology dependent on passing tests that assume the myths of natural selection.
It is hard to understand how this situation came about, and it the more remarkable that the problems with Darwinism were visible at the end of the nineteenth century, during the ‘eclipse of darwinism’.

The general culture could easily shift out of a science world view into the many waiting alternate paradigms. Too many people have been mistrained, and this is a scandal. The expose’s of Dawkins’ fallacious reasoning in Climbing Mt. Improbable is a stable of the Internet and yet noone seems to grasp the issues involved. This damage done to those undergoing science training is gone to look llke an unforgivable lapse. ‘It’s your funeral’.

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