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Why the next religious revival in the West may be Islamic??

February 24th, 2015 · No Comments

I find this intriguing, but as with the previous post, I think the reasoning is misleading: can Islam spread via immigration? Moslems should be wary of that kind of victory. It will be a weak version of religion in that case. I think what can happen is that the energy of modernity is weakening. Nothing in the complex of the early modern transition spoke of what we are beginning to see now: a democratic republic losing its status as a rational democracy and one engulfed in the limits of capitalism. Moslems, ironically, have victory at their fingertips here, but will throw away a good move as they assimilate capitalism. Another dead duck. The illusion of religious salvation for a defunct modernity is a tempting one, but an Islam that overtakes western culture would suffer that decline in tandem. And it is not an issue of theism conquering atheism, for modernity has no atheism problem. It would be a question of Islam repairing modernity and resetting the starting point. It cannot really hope to do that.

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