History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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First and last hominids

February 25th, 2015 · No Comments

The issues of human evolution are at the center of any discussion of a postcapitalist society, viz. neo-communist economic organization. The left should be prepared to debrief darwinism and attempt to lead the way into a new stage of society. Although the evidence of bolshevik calamity is not much of an advertisement for the left, the fact remains that capitalist socialization cannot be the vehicle to lead man to a new stage of evolutionary becoming. This is a good way to stop historical materialists in their tracks, and point to a new from of neo-marxist discourse, one rapidly outgrowing its marxist boilerplate without losing its cogent praxis and expose of the issues of class, ideology, and revolution. The older marxism generated left has two strikes left, and the blowout of bolshevism. It must master the issues of evolution, of world history as a dynamical system more complex than anything historical materialism can handle, the issues of modernity as they precede the emergence of nineteenth century positivism, which was a downhill deviation, and the issues of religion and reformation in the context of the major legacies of the Axial Age.
Leftists must be explorers trying to find the place of buddhism, xtianity/Islam in the context of a robust secularism that can change gears between multiple perspectives, as the commune of postcapitalits welcomes a considerable manifestation of diverse tribes and religions.
The proposal to steal a march on the hoard of new agers with a penetration of deep sufism suggests a series of ways the left could transcend its materialism (it doesn’t have to give it up necessarily, but it must be able to translate ‘spiritual’ jargons into a new and intelligible language or discourse). The future of the left does not lie with a recursion of government by secret police in the one-party state. It must generate from its ‘commune’ a robust form of community that can express the real evolutionary potential of man.

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