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Human evolution and demiurgic powers in nature

February 25th, 2015 · No Comments

In all the discussions of evolution the issue of human evolution stands out. We tend to reject creationism with a vengeance and it is essential to do that, but the hidden reality is that human evolution is so complex and also ad hoc that it is extremely hard to see a mechanical process involved. We are talking about the roughly synchronous emergence of human language, art and general creativity, mind as an organization of complex new thought processes, a sense of ethics and the individual will, and most controversially the entry into man of a new ‘soul’ factor. Current science can’t even begin to grasp the facts here, let alone a darwinian explanation of those facts. If it were merely a question of the evolution of language the question would be bad enough, but there is a constellation of these innovations that initiate the true homo species man. It is impossible to see how a hominid could evolve the potential to enlightenment via natural selection.
Creationists are rejected because they bring ‘god’ into the details of evolution. And that is right, but it doesn’t follow that material beings inside nature of very great and advanced powers and potentials could not be the assisting factor in the evolution of the higher hominids. (We can’t exclude their place in earlier forms of evolution, but the issue of man is a good starting point)
It is for this reason that I have often cited the work of J.G.Bennett who pointed to the way that a new form of explanation was possible: the existence of demiurgic powers within nature, i.e. in principle material, or natural, as beings higher than man and involved in the issue of human evolution. Bennett’s account is a way to fill a gap with a studied speculation, and some hints of fact.
The point is that darwinian natural selection versus theistic creationism have produced a false antithesis. Neither of the two will work. The issue of higher beings within cosmic nature has never registered in the thinking of either religionists or scientists.

Whatever the case, scientists need to face the reality of darwinism’s total failure. Issues such as the evolution of language are impossible enough, but the larger context of mind, soul, creativity, and proto-ethical behavior as an ‘I’ with a sense of will, require something drastically new and different as explanation, but the issue of the facts of the case elude us. We should grant entirely that some premonition of these advances could have appeared in earlier hominides/primates, for example, homo erectus, a strangely fascinating creature in its own right, one whose evolution is equally an enigma.

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