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Historical materialism, a religious delusion?

February 26th, 2015 · No Comments

I have indicated that the leftist world ought to take up this question of the sufis, and study it. It would be an instant cure for historical materialist dogmas. The latter just fall over dead.
Core marxism doesn’t require materialist fundamentalism. And the attempts to impose that on the world’s religious cultures has failed totally. It makes them think modernity is crackpot.
I say seriously, but also as an exercise of thought: there is a saying, if you break it you own it. If revolutionary cultures succeed in creating a postcapitalist future the winners will be forced to reckon with the reality of cultural history, and one issue here is just this thorny culture of sufism, one in a long list of things that don’t compute on the HISTOMAT computer. And the revolutionaries are likely to be the winners, at which point they need to be better informed than the bolsheviks.
Let me also say that marxists, in a considerable irony, are often free of the spiritual nonsense that leaves so many hopelessly confused. But marxists have one last religious belief, historical materialism. Get past that and they could do a service here to treat religious people with the respect needed to found a new economic order.
Historical materialism is a worthy study of economic ideology in history, but its general materialist brand is weak. Maybe time to whip our one’s General Issue Star Wars ray gun set to DayGlo and zap it. This exercise can also be done mentally.

The sufi soul question is actually a material question, and will do handily to induce metaphysical nervous breakdown in historical materialists. Better off from there, keenly poised for revolutionary clarity.

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