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Sermon to the Princes: Muntzer

March 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

Sermon to the Princes: from Muntzer

We have talked a lot about a communist church of Muntzer and this collation about this figure is illuminating.
Let me interject that while such a church is entirely thinkable, and viable because it existed but was suppressed, for real Xtians of any stripe, it is nonetheless the case that so-called ‘secularists’ should be wary of seeming to step backward here. But the reflection of Engels on these issues is a permanent part of modernity. The Reformation is a resonant theme of the modern age, little does it matter that new atheists wish to ditch religion. In fact Protestantism reverberates in our present, and will continue to do so for its last centuries more in this new era as it mutates into a new future in its Protestant future.
I think the religious issue is not the point: marxists can find here not some conversion to an archaic church but a clear discussion point with Xtians trying to deal with their inherent Calvinist confusions, from the age of Luther, who was a brilliant man, but too often he seems now to be the spokesman of the Chamber of Commerce of his period. And Munzter is rich in resonant thematic, the book of Daniel no less. Muntzer has a badge of honor: he was attacked by Norman Cohn in his Pursuit of the Millennium. I think marxist should have seminars on the book of Daniel as they figure apocalyptic versions of the endtimes of capitalism. The left could use Engels’ wry insight here: the marxist factions have a genuine prophet in their lineage. I think as ersatz Munzerian Xtians they can honor the suppressed legacy of this visionary, and I think that a dose of Protestant radicalism is an honest legacy for the civilization to come. In any case, in this ‘virtual church of the Holy Brick’ of the Preface to LFM they have a means to communicate on some kind of religious dialect to the Xtians now being swamped in the rightwing attempts for an Ayn Rand vulgate. Many bewildered Xtians could use some far leftist communication done rightly without nineteenth century boilerplate materialism.

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