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We seem to have lost NK…

March 5th, 2015 · No Comments

We seem to have lost NK. That was as surprise for me, since I have discussed this issue many time before. But the issue is important for any discussion of religion, if we can get to the facts. In any case, this is not something made up. We can adjourn the issue to The Gurdjieff Con, but the question of the nature of human nature is intractable. However we can see that material/spiritual dualities are misleading and have undermined discussion. I think that there are genuine enigmas of the human state, and they will prove upsetting to a lot of people. But I think the future of postreligion is going to be a bigger shock for ‘secularists’ than religionists.

The key question: can man discover his own real nature? It looks easy to some, but the reality is that defeat has met most attempts in the past to ‘find out’.
Doubt is perfectly normal, but NK’s charge of making things up is simply a misfire.

In retrospect I can list a dozen reasons why one might be skeptical here, but the issue is a good one for deceptions, even though the whole subject has been subject to deceptions.

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