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Xtianity and abolitionism

March 5th, 2015 · No Comments


The new atheist movement is always cockeyed in its evaluation of religion: the theme of religion as ‘all bad’ then coming upon the role of Protestantism, viz. the Quakers, and others in the abolition movement in genuine surprise.
I think the effort to take ‘religion’ as a category has been confused by secular humanists, who can’t define ‘religion’ even as they reject it in toto. It is hard to see how such shoddy thinking could be so rampant in a society based on science. Maybe science itself, or the faulty way it is taught, seems to be the problem. It was always obvious to many that there was something eccentric about Bertrand Russell’s criticism of religion, and it is this style that seems to have invaded the new atheist movement, along with the ambiguous figure of Nietzsche. It does not work to denounce the whole history of Xtianity as some kind of ultimate evil. Not even old-fashioned atheists took such an extreme position. I fear the teaching of science has become an overspecialized and isolated milieu for those who wish to reach the frontiers of knowledge asap and sacrifice educational balance for this goal.

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