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Xtianity and proletarian movements

March 6th, 2015 · No Comments

Ancient Xtianity was a proletarian movement, and a new Xtianity controlled by economic elites (now bent on cross breeding Ayn Rand with doctrine!??) is not going to be viable. The spiritual domain will simply abandon Xtianity to the garbage dump of derelict religions. That’s why a radical Munzerian church could make a new transition vehicle: if leftist of the marx brand could produce a more reasonable version of their own thinking they could assist in the confusion of Xtianity going through derailment. Xtianity is a mess, but so is marxism. The problem is hardly insoluble: the basic format of a revolutionary movement of communism Christian brand already exists: such a church could rapidly respond to a classic marxist brand with a set of innovative religious perspectives. I think historical materialists expect Xtianity to be replaced with its scientism. I doubt it. The left should dissolve and reform around its revolutionary core of economic/social revolution with a marxist echo and a new take on world religion, and Munzerian marching boots. I think Xtianity isn’t going to survive in its current forms, and its passing just might generate the thought needed to correct scientism.
The issues of theism and atheism are played out at this point. So theists and atheists will have to see the logic of the question in a broader light. Monotheism has spawned its own idolatry of ‘god’ so-called. The answer to that is not atheism, but something like the original version: the glyph IHVH as a focus of thought/silence as the ‘sacred’. Works nicely for Santa Claus Xtians and hardheaded leftist mugs.
The next round of Xtian revolution needs something better than the Xtian merger with the Roman Empire. The issues of the proletariat need a new take from square one.

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