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The future of the sufi enigma in a secular world

March 10th, 2015 · No Comments


I was surprised by the reaction of NK to my attempts to debrief the enigma of sufism. But it comes as a shock to buddhists to discover the hidden character of the legacy of monotheism, what to say of secular modernists. The charge of making it up surprised me, but obviously it is a natural reaction. But be careful. The burden is on ‘you’ to figure it out, without the means to do so. Someone who risks revelation is in trouble, and isn’t going to waste time arguing. The charge of making it up gets a shrug. Have a nice life. The point is to expose if possible those who operate in secrecy behind a cover of the ‘esoteric’. But skepticism is completely OK. It is a challenge to science to see if it can detect hyperobjects intersecting with bodies, if they can find someone to study. Ask me no more…The situation is desperate. In the blank confusion of leftist materialists the only party open to this esotericism were the fascists. This is grotesque. We need to beat marxists over the head to come their senses.
But the question is close to impossible. We must find out, but we can’t grant such a hidden spiritual technology fall into the hands of the psychopaths of covert agency government, of the type we have fallen into. The only solution it appears is to operate with public statements by people who don’t quite understand the issue. !! How leftists could solve this given the legacy of bolshevism is unclear, but clearly a new form of the left is needed.

I think we will have a hard time really deciphering the ‘gnostic’ stream of religions. The realm of buddhism (and I automatically include hinduism as a wild card variant) has a clear tradition and method, without too much ‘esoteric’ bullshit. But the gnostic religions coming out of Egypt (with obvious blending with other sources from India and elsewhere) are pervaded with murky confusions.
This was partly an attempt to warn hard materialists of the weakness of their position. So-called ‘secularists’ expect to take over human thought with a set of propositions that claim science, but are in reality hopelessly backward in a century plus of the Iron Cage. That’s all. Shouldn’t be a big deal. But this viewpoint gained a huge legacy via the bolshevik revolution. It is fading now, but, ironically, marxists are the most obstinate holdouts.
I have recommended a very simple solution: keep the core praxis of marxism, updated asap but drop the cosmic dogma. You can also study the finesse of Samkhya materialism to create a bridge language.
But the larger issue of the ‘spiritual bodies’ of man is now entering general culture and the result is confusion. The sufi legacy needs to be thrown in the pot, to see if culture can incrementally decipher the spiritual psychology of the ancients.
We can’t replace all that with the new atheism. The only solution to the ‘god’ question is to stand back and watch madmen arguing over a hopeless metaphysical question. Arguments over god are a waste of time.
We are however beginning to see that the historical logic of Xtianity (and Judaism) is far more compelling with a different perspective. We get a glimpse of that from WHEE.

We have entered a new era and the religions of the Axial Age are beginning to founder. We have claimed here that a radical version of Xtianity from the early modern can be a transitional vehicle driving thought to try and understand modernity and religion. And postreligion leading to its core understandings outside of religion.

Xtianity doesn’t work anymore. Any politician in Washington will call him/herself an Xtian, in between drone strikes. Our Xtian politicians are now assassins 9 to 5. The fantasy of Jesus Christ suporting this is almost breathtaking. This situation is nothing new, it has always existed in Xtian history. But the loss of the American Republic so soon after its founding is a great sorrow. The spiritual realm doesn’t have any time or energy to fix the original fix. But more generally the Xtian legacy is too confused at this point to continue.

The message I thought I was getting is that the sufi enigma is going to pass over into some leftist cultural complex based on a rough communism, and freed from its too narrow historical materialism.
We shall see. In any case, the meaning of ‘secularism’ is not to be anti-religion, as such. To think so is creating a huge confusion. Face reality: noone can solve the ‘god’ question. Atheism will be as confused as theism.
We need to think about something else.

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