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Red Fortyeight group: foundations: Xtian communist churches of Munzer

March 13th, 2015 · No Comments

Some wonder if this idea is serious or applicable in reality. It has the same foundation as any other church, and is historical, but Munzer was a martyr beyond being a prophet. Such a church would confront its many enemies, with more to come. I think, further, that humanists now would have lost the knack of christian religious life and would confront the traditional confusions that haunt Xtians, but which most humanists have walked away from. But the basic format is there and has always been there, just don’t get assassinated by Ayn Rand lunatics.
In any case, as noted in the Preface to LFM, an idea in partial realization can itself be very powerful: discussing, trying out, but staying ‘virtual’ (out loud) and able to rapidly remorph the context, one can perform a kind of guerilla semantics on a rapidly self-remorphing idea, that can also ask as to the real mystery of the onset of early Xtianity. Modern men are different now, and could manage a much higher information content and transformation of the basic idea: five or six virtual churches per hour (?). But a really existing format could certain work. In fact you can simply use what’s there: apply the idea to an existing situation as if to change the sign on a given church. A new civilization needs to understand the old, and in the US some of the crudiest of weird churches with their superkitsch neon blinking Jesus in the middle of skidrow nowhere have a funny presence in the context of a communist idea of a world to come. Who will be saved from capitalist dementia with its Calvinist demonic grin.

http://www.notbored.org/cohn.html: I think Norman Cohen misunderstood the issue of propheticism: the idea, to me, of the prophetic tradition was a version, confused, of people trying to understand cyclical versus ‘the end of cyclical history’. It is indeed, pace Cohen, a set of complex archetypes. But the way it plays out is that the vision of the endtimes accompanies the premonition of the ‘next cycle’ and it is majestic to see the rise of the early modern spawn Luther and Munzer. We have been unable to use our full modernity here: a religious vision of communism came at the birth of the modern. And the endtimes beset with economic monsters and demons cast our of Ayn Rand indeed foretell the end times of capitalism.

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