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March 15th, 2015 · No Comments

I am reposting this without the ‘West Wing’ joke, another in a series: Link to West Wing posts These ‘jokes’ were self-exposes as an ‘idiot’: play dumb so you won’t get classified as a national security threat.
The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory! (in under 5 minutes)

The issue of revolution is complex, but in some ways it is simple, and in the case of the US since 9/11 it is not hard to document the de facto criminality of the core government and/or passivity of the US government in the context of the clear ‘false flag’ black ops staged by still hard to identify factions that were able to control jet liners, plant explosives in the Twin Towers to generate controlled collapse, and either ally with or arm twist Saudi and Israeli covert agencies to assist the dark plot, whose ramifications are almost stunning in their implications. Quite apart from anything else there was an extensive Wall Street foreknowledge resulting in an almost fantastic and illegal swindle via some version of insider trading.
We can also document that the enquiry into this was fraudulent, and that the final episode of the capture of Bin Laden was most probably bogus.

This is a massive dose of criminality by multiple persons in or associated with the government, with many hidden players, and a suspected mystery as to the real chain of command that let the visible politicians, like Bush on 9/11, to seem like innocent victims. The amount of crime here is almost fantastic, and the collusion extends all the way into the present as the obstruction of justice continues without end.

The citizen in this system is thus obligated by law and the duties of citizenship to hold the government to account, to the extent still possible as the conspiracy passes into history. But clearly almost all the current generation of politicians are guilty of associated crimes, while the original perpetrators are probably still alive. The crimes of association alone, take Obama as an example, surely constitute obstruction of justice and much else. The whole panoply of criminal acts would require extensive legal analysis, and the failure to have done this already surely throws nearly the whole apparatus of government into limbo: this is a government based on the crimes of conspiracy, mass murder, financial fraud, etc.,..
The current gang of rogues running this government seem to think they have gotten away with this and are laughing in our faces as they assume the gullibility of all, including the left, in a pretense of legal government.

We can see that the core case at law would not be hard to assemble in principle, in a massive effort, and that the government of the US at this point is run by criminals sitting on a truly massive coverup of previous criminals.
We have barely touched on the details and the whole expose ought to have been at least as transparent as the Watergate investigation, faint hope. But the point is clear that submission to the canon of allegiance to such a government is contradictory and requires the duty of prosecution by law, else prosecution by revolution.
We can consider the West Wing as a useful temporary jail and holding area for reading perps their rights, where the traitors can be read their rights, and taken away by the Washington police or else a revolutionary military police given the likely ambiguities of law even in the constables of democracy. The latter term is, of course, no longer applicable to this situation.

Is this a bizarre form of humor? No, this is ‘no kidding’. No kidding.

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