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Munzerian Xtianity as an exit strategy…

March 17th, 2015 · No Comments

Here my idea of an ultra-radical Munzerian communist Church can be useful as a ‘virtual church’ or mindform taking into consideration the nature of a future for Xtianity. The idea is to embrace the most radical stance possible to stand against the past for a probable future. And here history shows that communism was born in the early modern in an Xtian branch of the Reformation. That’s one ticket to the future for Xtians stuck in the endgame of a religion under attack.
The church I am talking about has been invented over and over: consider this fine film:
Amazing Grace
This film is a bit ‘classy’, William Wilberforce being a member of the Brit establishment, but, heck, who cares: he pulled it off.

Still, it is getting late for Xtian churches in the Constantinian mode: Xtianity has too many vulnerable points for skeptics. You have to wonder why they did it that way, with such a field of bad miracle myths. Islamists saw the problem and evaded that, only to stumble into other problems.

But there is a good last hurrah way to found a ‘virtual church’ of Munzer: render theism/atheism inrelevant: point to the symbol IHVH beyond words or concepts, being careful not to let the ambiguous sign be hijacked by demonic substitutes.
Rewrite Xtian history as archaeologists write it, more or less. The Xtian tale in the larger context of world history shows clear evidence of a ‘higher power’ at work in history. Why spoil it with kiddie rides in a disneyland church?

And the reality of religious evolution shows the close relationship of Xtianity, Buddhism, and much else. A global breadth of focus can help here to see how Xtianity has a poor record of spiritual practice.

This approach will actually start to assist the exit from Xtianity, but in an orderly fashion that can make use of the rich resources of modernity as a field of religion by another name. It is not necessary to become an atheist and start ranting about religion. The secular can’t be defined to exclude religion by definition. Don’t let secular humanists get away with that.
It may be too late.
I have a bad feeling spiritual powers have simply ditched Judaism and Xtianity. If we study the macro effect as in WHEE we see that the Reformation arrives in parallel with many other things. The interpretation of the rise of the modern as an integrated transition as in the macro model suggests the macro determination behind the Reformation and the Scientific Revolution are the same!!! Once you see that point you will realize that place of Xtianity in society has shifted to something different. So it is possible to wonder if the Reformation wasn’t simply what it looks like: a starting point in a larger transition that will surpass it.
So: the Reformation shows an Xtianity remorphed to pass through modernity and perhaps dissolve into it.

Meanwhile there is no excuse for the truly horrendous bullshit about covenental Judaism as the basis for a Jewish state. That was always a tragic mistake, and a lot of people sounded the warning. Because of that Judaism and Xtianity are going to go on trial for their future.
The Jewish proposition of a special covenant is almost unbelievable bullshit, but the idiots who believe this have taken over the US government. As an american you may be stupid and get the stupid outcome you deserve.
For two thousand years Xtians, despite the horror of antisemitism, protected culture from Jewish exclusivism. Now just as the end the full horror of what jews will do is evident to the world. A sad endgame.

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