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The super mess called ‘Israel’ and the question of Xtianity sinking with its complicity in Israeli spiritual fascism…

March 17th, 2015 · No Comments

http://darwiniana.com/2015/03/16/the-passing-of-religion/ The question of religion is very difficult to discuss at this point, and I think that the demise of Xtianity is accelerating. Protestants must help Catholics become a post-Reformation church, reinvent their legacy and find real answers to people so sick of this religion they will become nearly rabid new atheists.
Whatever the case, modernity is a fantastically rich resource in all fields: you don’t have to become a new atheist cultist to leave religion. The question of god can’t be answered, so the debate there is pointless.
One danger is being ‘against all religion’ like the new atheists, many of them jewish, is that you imply there should be no jews. Being jewish is a religious issue. I fear this was one of the sources of fascist antisemitism, leading to the Holocaust. So we must be careful here and not imflict dangerous generalizations on an issue as hopeless as Xtian/Jewish relations in the context of religion.
Let me express my wish, hope and suggestion about jewish assimilation, but I can’t imply anyone should try to enforce that. I think that, as with the previous post, the question is reaching a crisis point, like a boil, and suddenly the problem will dissipate. Famous last words.

The question of jewish culture should have been rendered irrelevant by now, two centuries after the French Revolution. But instead we have the most hopeless situation brought into existence in Israel, with the creation of a failed state where jews have principal rights. How could a people as intelligent as the jews perform such a monumentally stupid thing? The last sixty years of Israel is breaking world historical records for making a total mess of statehood.

And here the complicity of Bible Belt Xtian superidiots on Israel is going to point a gun at the brain of Xtianity: now over, for good…

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