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Is Evolution Observable In Action Today?

March 18th, 2015 · No Comments


Darwinism can’t answer the question: Is Evolution Observable In Action Today? because it points to the wrong mechanism: natural selection. The latter produces mutations and eventually change, but that is not truly evolution.
We need to look in a completely different direction. The macro effect in WHEE adopts an evolutionary terminology of ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ as evolution and then looks at world history on two levels. The starting point is the clear evidence of a development master process of some kind, and its relationship to the realization of this via humans themselves.

In that definition we see how the term ‘evolution’ can apply to historical development. A new model of history

In these terms, the question is ‘evolution observable today’ breaks down into a series of ‘nows’: the greater ‘now’ of civilization since the Paleolithic, the lesser ‘nows’ at smaller and smaller intervals. In that context we see the ‘evolution’ in our new sense is an intermittent process, that alternates between a ‘macro’ phase or transition, and the intervals between them. The former are ‘evolution’ in our sense, while the intervals in between are the realization phase of those transitions, etc… The full model then suggests we are now in an intermediate interval after the most recent burst of rapid transition…. These two taken together thus answer the question, is evolution observable in action ‘today’ in the affirmative in the larger ‘now’ of our model.

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