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March 20th, 2015 · No Comments

http://darwiniana.com/2015/03/19/islam-reformation/ We have first proposed the idea of an Islamic Reformation, and then cautioned the idea. Now Ayaan Hirsi Ali is coming out with a book: Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now


The idea has taken root, and/or occurs spontaneously in many people. So let it play out. It can be a useful guiding thought. My caution was that the Reformation in the context of WHEE is a unique event inside a ‘macro’ system, which changes its character outside of its mainline. Translated into English we see that history won’t repeat the Reformation according to the early modern. In fact, the Protestant Reformation wasn’t really a form of modernization. At least on the surface. What is more modern, theism or atheism? The question itself is false and shows the danger of careless thinking here. Modernization has now been confused with postreligion. It may end up that way. But the Protestant Reformation freed itself from Catholicism, and yet remained essentially what it was.

But, since people now take the term ‘reformation’ to mean modernization of religion, consider the point. The catch is that the modernization defined by the terms of science misses the way modernization really occurred. And ‘science’ in its current form will not advance those who leave religion to something better.
As we have noted here and at The Gurdjieff Con, the world of Islam has in sufism one of the most sophisticated spiritual technologies of man: modernization so-called would swiftly eliminate that. So the question is murky at best.
The answer is much plainer: modernity is the start on a new quest to create a universal canon of human understanding, spiritual or material, but it is a long way from success.

An additional catch-22 arises here: ‘modern’ societies are undergoing a form of decay and aren’t representative of modernity anymore. Look at the US, the great hope for the future. It has lost its democracy, has flooded the globe with capitalist dementia, is run by a covert conspiracy of unknown proportions, now plans assassinations from the oval office, and is embarked on a global imperialist venture.
It is possible to argue that ‘modernity’ no longer is a reality open to imitation at this point. The postmoderns tried to make this point, but bungled the argument. In the model of history in WHEE we see the answer in part: after the divide point in the modern transition entities may start to drift into misdefinition and increasing deviation from their initial conditions.

In any case, it is not safe to imitate things American anymore in the name of modernization. The result may be garbled. The original US system did not use torture. So, is it more modern to use torture?

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