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Time for jews to take stock?

March 21st, 2015 · No Comments

I am not an antisemite but I do think I have at times been pressed into service to challenge the jewish culture caper without the nauseating style of classic antisemites. Most are afraid to do so, understandably, and fear is turning into near horror. And the grounds for doing so have gone critical as we examine the nosedive of Israel. The founding of Israel is approaching the level of world historical tragedy live in action. In the wake of the founding of Israel we have witnessed the way American democracy has been destroyed (with a lot of help from other quarters) by a kind of coup d’etat, while the politics of the Middle East is a kind of Israeli induced black hole. Jews turned Israelis have thrown away the rich culture of judaism for the kind of thuggery needed to enforce an apartheid state. Israelis come off alarmingly as people who have taken a draught of poison, and then again.

Over at The Gurdjieff we have complained of the way certain jews have tried to create a monopoly of Gurdjieffianity, attacking anyone who tries to stop them, with a brand of Jewish sufism that is dangerous for gentiles. The work of Ouspensky left behind a lucrative (in many senses of the word) francise that attracts take over artists. At some point, and we must be alert to such turning points, people go nuts and become violent against jews. If world citizens can’t study sufism free of the risk of jewish occultists, I would say a problem has turned into cancer. This is nuts. Rudrananda’s book Spiritual Cannibalism has turned into a jewish fetish. Gimme a break guys. You don’t get away with it.
Reread the above. We can’t advocate an active campaign of anything here. There isn’t much gentiles can do here, and given previous histories I would say NOT. In fact, jews are self-destructing and all we can do is hope for a saner outcome.
It is important for sane jews to consider how little jewish culture propaganda corresponds to reality. The idea that the Old Testament gives jews some special claim on Israel/Palestine was always a dangerous delusion.
Americans need to get their democracy back, and Israel, …I haven’t the foggyist. Sometimes a screw-up is terminal and nothing is possible. But what is possible in fact is a slow jewish/Israeli exodus into the greater global culture, some sort of solution to the question of a rogue Israel armed with atomic weapons, and finally at the worst the kind of dismantling of an apartheid state as per South Africa.

I think that the history of Zionism, and there are many new ones, often written by Jews, can help to explain a few things, maybe. A figure like Leo Strauss, if you study his life and work, shows the way many jews became mesmerized with Nietzsche, nihilism, and realpolitik squared and cubed. This is the kind of dumb move smart people are prone to and we have seen many of the symptoms, bordering on the final symptom: the overman taking to genocide of the ‘last man’. A paranoid parody here seems to have overtaken the course of the history of Israel.

I think jews are suffering from a misunderstanding of religious history, especially. Their sense of chosenness is a self-created illusion that was obsolete centuries ago, but it has made a comeback in the modern world in a way that is not realistic. The choice to invultuate american democracy might seem ‘smart jewish fare’ for ordinary jews, but in the context of world history it is close to the final checkmate for the jewish legacy. It is vampire in search of external sustenance. And the reality is that Judaism’s time has passed, and that’s why everything goes wrong.

I think the turning point is arriving. The whole jewish game is dissolving as western humanity moves beyond the legacy of the Axial Age and its religions. It’s over when it is over, and it is far smarter to walk away from the jewish question rather than fight to the end against history. The tale of the jews in Israel from the Old Testament, beside being dubious history, cannot be the basis for a state for jews as special citizens. The first mistake of Israel is its original sin, and in the end its epitaph.

I think these questions are finding their own solutions: the real issue for jews and xtians is to create the foundation for a culture of the future. If we take a hint from genetics we see that the issue of judaism was always irrelevant. The overall game is doing something else.
And in any case Israelis can always rescue themselves from ignominious failure by adopting a constructive approach to a state no longer defined by jewishness.

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