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Marx got it right

March 21st, 2015 · No Comments

Because of the holocaust jews have forgotten what they once understood very well: that they were ejected after the French Revolution into the mainstream of modernist culture there to contribute to the cultural phasing of modernity with unique skills and mindsets. How this got derailed by the onset of the rabid antisemitism of the later nineteenth century is reasonably clear, but it remains the case that Zionism was never in the cards in the general sweep of the modern. As a matter of fact jews flooded into general secular culture, and indeed socialist and communist secularism with alacrity. Now they are being led to their cultural endgame by a species of zionist idiocy that never entered into the modernist equation.
Jews and Xtians suffer from the ‘last and first men’ syndrome, a disease in evidence in figures like Leo Strauss. And in the background is the reverse image to the Nazi holocaust: a jewish superman complex that will take over the culture of gentiles to make a new master race of the future. That’s not publicly confessed by many jews at this point anymore: the sick joke is too obvious a false lead from jewish nietzcheans, goodbye to all that, maybe.
http://last-and-first-men.com/: Last and first men syndrome is very much in evidence from the nineteenth century and darwinism has given an especially nutty cast to the whole game: in darwinian terms the most unintelligent survivor as the fittest is the result of the evolutionary process and thence social darwinism becomes the road to supermen. It is hard to see how this fantasy took root, even in figures such as Nietzsche, but it is false, and the creation of new species remains the key question, unsolved, of evolutionary theory.
As things stand now, homo sapiens will be lucky if he doesn’t exit capitalist civilization as a regressed ‘ape man indeed’. Given the current level of King Kong style breast beating in the current hominid regression is well underway. All that remains is to select for Ayn Rand greed levels and kill off the remaining nice guys as unfit. Moral: the transition to a new species of man remains an enigma throughout.

In any case something obvious has been lost: jews could thrive in modernity and were adept at its realizations, thwarted only by their own stubborn persistence in the archaic, but that no less than the Xtian. What we were supposed to see was a jewish boost to modernity and the transition to a new jewish/gentile population (Genjus) from the ancient legacy of semitic peoples bowled over by Aryan invaders. Modernity has shown a greater evolutionary feedback that has brought a new stage of semites to the pinnacle of modernity. Mission accomplished. The solution should have been most beneficial to both parties. Instead we see the whole game proceeding backwards in time, there to be crowned with nuttiness on the way to further nuttiness. Face reality, Marx got it right. No self-hating jew there.

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