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Zionism and its fantasy of a jewish homeland.

March 21st, 2015 · No Comments

Our discussion of jews and israel can’t forget the place of Xtian thinking in the making of this catastrophe. Old Testament fanatics have allowed disneyland to turn into a form of politics and sanctioned the worst of modern israel in cruel biblical terms. History won’t forgive and won’t forget. I think that the route to resolving the Middle Eastern tragedy will be to withdrawl the props to Xtianity. With the passing of Xtianity the jewish vampire will dissipate in its wake.
So it is time for Xtians to see clearly that the Old Testament grants no rights to the geopolitics of Israel/Palestine. This situation is the kind of endgame symptom of religions starting to fall over dead. The question of Israel has been turned into a conceptual monstrosity: ancient Israel/Judah was a staging area for a phase of the emergence of monotheism, and it promptly disappeared when the world of the universal religion of xtianity took off. Jews frantically reject this ancient argument, but at some point it becomes necessary to see the handwriting on the wall.
It is time for xtians to take stock of the Old Testament and stop allowing its abuse in a dangerous new world of apartheid thugs armed with hitech weapons. If you can’t figure it out this religion will be taken from you. And in fact that is happening around us.
Here’s an essay taking on Zizek here:

To me the question is clear: no zone in the middle east should ever have been taken as a jewish homeland. It was folly to do that, and it was hypocritical as well: the zionists might have settled for Uganda at one point.

There is not and can’t ever be any biblical argument about a jewish homeland. That’s bullshit, for the age of Einstein. The Cherokees have a better right to Tennessee.

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