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The Israel fallacy

March 22nd, 2015 · No Comments


I think that the history of modern Israel is stupid and that we need to ‘evacuate’ as many jews as possible from this massive mistake. It is a mistake because it wishes to restage ancient history using unlimited monies, weapons but still for all that failing in the attempt. History isn’t going to allow this restaging of the past for very long. And we can see how everything gets more and more confused as it goes along. The jewish equation is all wrong. That idea belongs to proximate antiquity and has no slot in the modern world.
The puzzle is how the jews could have constructed such a horror when the simple solution is ready at hand: a multicultural society of many peoples in a democracy of equaity. That simple task is beyond the jewish mindset.

I think that more generally an historical tragedy is unfolding to shear jews and xtians from their religious fantasies. It doesn’t have to be that way. And the damage done to one of the classic experiments of modern democracy doesn’t even strike most jews as a problem. The world’s first great revolutionary breakthrough to democracy is treated with contempt by jews as an irrelevant instrument to be exploited for jewish interests. Such thinking is not characteristic of creative trends that can contribute something to the future. It is in the end a vampire’s path trying to resurrect the past.
The situation has already produced an almost incomprehensible calamity: the holocaust. But noone seems to have understood anything or drawn the right conclusions. The american case is unique in its own way, but it deserves something better than this abuse of monetary power to corrupt the houses of government. That isn’t a solution to anything.

In general the world is getting sick of biblical fantasies. How could a group with so many Noble prizes be lost in a fantasy of the chosen few mucking about Palestine subjecting its peoples with this kind of extravagant sadism. The end will come to all of it at some point.

For those who can see already:
the issues are clear: Jews have no historic right to Israel. Period. You can fight this for another century of two, but in the end the result will be abandoned by all jews who wish to do something constructive. Those who remain will be coarsened, lose intelligence, compassion, and finally common sense. The very idea of hitech smart jews is burning out in the technology to contain and repress populations.
It is worth looking at a film called
to get a sense of just how close to psycholtic the whole Zionist mistake has become. It is a nauseating film and shows jews/israelis turning into creepy devils.

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