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The irony: if darwinism fails, the ‘darwinian market’ fiction also fails…

March 26th, 2015 · No Comments

IN terms of the last post we should consider that man is proceeding from passive evolution to conscious self-evolution, and in the process he is challenged by the mechanical character of markets and the way they capture even consciousness in modern capitalism. Thinking is beset with the dogma that markets are the only way to construct economies. But clearly that proposition is dangerously deluded at this point. This system can’t function properly and is wrecking a whole planet.
So the question arises: how to construct communist markets,–I meant economies. It is a scandal that this question is barely defined and this double entendre pops up as an amusing question: why can’t there be ‘communist markets’? This is not the same as illusory social democratic solutions. It means that property is put into the context of group ownership beyond the realm of ‘private property’. Whether there can be ‘markets’ without private property is an obscure question, but it might be the right question, as a gedanken experiment, to root out the mechanics of viable communist economies.
IN the meantime it just doesn’t register yet in the minds of contemporary brainwashed consumers that markets have become deadly instruments in the hands of capitalist maniacs.
It is surely a monumental distortion to think that a communist economy can’t be run efficiently. A close look shows that a great deal of social control already exists and always has: we have but to look at the madness of the current mania to privatize to see the point.

The larger evolution of man is still stuck in the darwinian master theme of random evolution, hence the fixation on ‘random’ economic activity. The evolution of organisms is not a random process and shows all the characteristics of controlled process.

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