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I fear for the future of science, …

March 28th, 2015 · No Comments

Science gets a good press, haha, but when the public comes to realize just how leaden and braindead the question of evolution has been, there will be a reaction and a dangerous attempt to create a new kind of civilization beyond science. The Bible Belt revolt against evolution is not what I am talking about although the ID faction has produced some valid critiques. The design argument is also not what I am talking about, although some evaluation of its significance is needed.
The crisis is more a recursion of the warnings and insights of figures like Kant who exposed the metaphysics of science along with the metaphysics of religion.
We see the problem with the ‘new atheism’, a movement very confused by its own scientism. It is obvious to many, a dangerous conclusion I don’t share really, that most of the followers of the new atheism would be better off with less science. Look at our post today on the secular humanist take on the ‘evolution of religion’. It is bunk, based on bad science, i.e. evolutionary psychology. Fifty million converts to this kind of thinking is going to create a society filled with a new type of moron.
We are almost there already: the camp of the ‘darwinists’ is truly one of morons, with the arch-moron Dawkins.
To be scientifically objective I am a moron myself, but in other areas of expertise.

I think in fact the sociology of science is going to go into a ‘warp speed’ moment and after that a new form of science will emerge. But the Kantian limits suggest that the metaphysical edges of science will yield to new forms of (kantian) ‘faith’: i.e. operational assumptions about entities that stand beyond the ‘phenomenal’. In other words, speculative semi-religious ‘truths’ struggling to not be ‘hokum’.

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