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Weimar, antisemitism, and jewish ‘domination’

March 31st, 2015 · No Comments

http://www.amazon.com/Jewish-Domination-Weimar-Germany-Eckhart/dp/1492991961/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1427821500&sr=1-1: Jewish Domination of Weimar Germany

The analysis of nazism is too important Not to explore the superficially biased perspectives of those who have studied the issues at close hand. Here the domination of jewish culture during Weimar needs a careful study, along with a recognition that the same phenomenon is happening in the US, yet this hasn’t produced anything like a fascist reaction. One reason of course is that Zionists understood the dynamics here and were completely clever about turning rightwing culture into their ally.

We can with justice charge Zionism with the near destruction of American democracy in the status of the hidden coup d’etat by Zionist lobbies. The US has been duped to the point of fighting Israel’s wars, viz. Iraq…
The influence of Isreal’s covert agencies on 9/11 can’t even be discussed in public. Thus we see once again the way the Jewish effect can be destructive.
But the irony here is that the American strategy of doing nothing is far superior. The sad reality is that such success has sown the seeds of destruction for the Jewish legacy, along with the politics of Israel which has turned jews into villains without trying.
I think the issue of jewish culture is solving itself in the negative: jewish culture must shine as a light to mankind. Instead, the gross politics of money fascism in Washington and the near genocide of the Palestinians has set jewish culture into a nosedive. Its power may persist, but it has made jewish culture into an ugliness that history will soon recycle or abandon. Jews came out of the era of the French Revolution as an idealistic and liberal culture with a contribution to make. As that culture degenerates into rightist ugliness the heritage of the jews will slowly but surely disappear. It is happening already: jews in droves are repulsed by their own tradition in its current shadowy reality and ditching the whole game for a different future via assimilation.

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