History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Darwinian bias against ethics…all too convenient

April 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

Attempts to understand evolution are so befuddled by darwinists that it is impossible to properly understand the issue.
Natural selection cannot produce evolution, and this is impossible for people brainwashed by darwinism to understand. There is rather a grave danger that man could deteriorate under the influence of random evolutionary processes, or, for that matter, applied ‘pseudo-evolution’ via social darwinism.
I have a suspicion that many people know this perfectly well but are intent on using darwinism as an ideological backdrop to a larger unethical social engineering to justify psycopathic politicians and the class warfare of economic elites. Thinking of someone like Leo Strauss, we see that it is much easier to be a neo-con if you think darwinian evolution is the norm. And so on.

Controlling evolution is almost impossibly difficult and requires knowledge of the real nature of man as a species. And ‘evolution’ in that case means operations at the level of species. Many deluded biologists think that evolution proceeds via minority that then prevails over the rest, evidently via genocide. But that is not how it works: macroevolution requires integrating advances into a whole species and that is a huge complication.

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